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Landje | Website Design

In designing the website for Landje, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of this enchanting venue nestled in the heart of Pretoria East. The site marries functionality with beauty, reflecting Landje’s blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. I focused on creating an intuitive user experience, ensuring each visitor can effortlessly explore the various services, from the serene wedding settings to the vibrant community events. High-quality imagery highlights Landje’s unique offerings, while the content tells the story of a venue deeply rooted in family values and a love for celebration. This project showcases my commitment to delivering designs that not only meet client needs but also enrich the user’s journey, making every interaction memorable.

Brand Design | Jaclyn Venter

Jaclyn Venter, the name behind her eponymous brand, epitomises the exquisite blend of culinary finesse and artistic baking that delights the senses. Her journey, marked by a notable appearance on Die Groot Ontbyt, underscores her prowess in the culinary arts. Jaclyn’s brand extends into Tuck In, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking gourmet treats, and a catering service that transforms any event into a memorable experience. Each offering under her brand is a testament to Jaclyn’s commitment to excellence, where every cake is a masterpiece, and every dish tells a story of flavour and passion. 

Social media management | WhiskAway Ice Cream and sorbet

Meet WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet, one of our delightful social media clients. Each month, we have the pleasure of crafting mouthwatering content featuring their delectable products. From capturing the creamy textures to showcasing the irresistible flavors, our collaboration with WhiskAway is a sweet journey through the world of indulgent treats.

TO BE GIFT BOXES | Women's Month & Spring Box Design

Celebrating collaboration! After the triumph of our Christmas box design, we’re thrilled to join forces again with To Be Gift Boxes. This time, we bring you two enchanting creations.

For Women’s Month, we’ve unveiled a stunning pink box adorned with delicate florals and inspiring female illustrations. It’s a tribute to the strength and beauty of women.

Spring heralds our second masterpiece—a vibrant, flower-strewn box that captures the spirit of renewal. These designs are a heartfelt celebration of joy and growth.

CM + M | Save the date Design

This Save the Date design captures the essence of joy and anticipation for the upcoming special occasion, it offers the first glimpse into the heart of their celebration. Featuring a harmonious blend of elegant typography, all centred around a beautiful, minimalistic design based on a photograph, this piece doesn’t just mark a date; it narrates a tale. It invites guests into a moment poised to be unforgettable, with every element carefully curated to mirror the couple’s distinctive journey and bond.

Brand Design | Thomas Ceramics

The logo for Thomas Ceramic Art represents a harmonious fusion of traditional artistry and modern digital techniques. Originally crafted by Thomas himself, the emblem embodies the essence of his ceramic creations, characterized by their organic nature and the intimate connection with the clay. My role was to digitize this logo, ensuring that its transition into the digital realm preserved the authenticity and tactile quality of the original design. The choice of natural colours and a minimalist approach in the digital rendition echo the simplicity and elegance of Thomas’s work, maintaining the organic feel that is at the heart of his studio. This digital interpretation of the logo not only respects the original artistic intent but also enhances its versatility, ensuring that the soulful essence of Thomas Ceramic Art is communicated effectively in today’s digital world, bridging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary digital artistry.

Bloom Health & Wellness | Ebook Design

Bloom Health & Wellness aspired to develop a universally accessible and comprehensible resource, and we were eager to bring this vision to life. Our solution took the form of an ebook that seamlessly combines visual appeal with rich and informative content.

Every page of this ebook reflects the serene and soothing essence of her brand, acting as a guiding light on each individual’s unique path toward a healthier and more fulfilling journey to well-being.

WhiskAway Ice Cream AND sORBET | Website Design

Our journey with WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet was a delightful one, focused on redesigning their website to match the sweetness of their products. We aimed to create an intuitive and visually appealing online space that reflects their commitment to quality.

The result? A user-friendly website that allows customers to explore flavours and learn more about the brand. It’s a digital treat that perfectly captures the essence of WhiskAway’s delicious offerings, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in enhancing their online presence.

Micaela & Jarod | Wedding Stationery

Just before the pandemic took hold, an excited couple found themselves newly engaged and diving headfirst into the whirlwind of wedding preparations. As they ticked off items on their to-do list, wedding stationery emerged as a top priority. Opting for a laid-back yet chic look, we worked together to curate a wedding suite that embodied casual minimalism. This creative journey led to the birth of a personalized monogram, charming custom envelopes, and the whimsical touch of a wax seal stamp—a perfect fit for their upcoming celebration.

Strikethrough Professional Academic Editing Services | Social media management

Meet Strikethrough, where we take the lead in managing her social media presence. With a strategic approach, we curate and elevate her content to resonate with her audience. Strikethrough’s brand voice shines through in every post, and our collaboration ensures that her online presence remains engaging and impactful.

WhiskAway Ice Cream AND sORBET | Cup Label

If you’re a fan of ice cream, you won’t want to miss WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet! They reached out to us for the creation of eye-catching labels for their delightful ice cream tubs. Our design strikes a harmonious balance, embracing a playful spirit while maintaining a modern aesthetic that aligns seamlessly with their existing brand identity.

To Be Gift Boxes | Christmas Box design

Unexpectedly, a message landed in my inbox one day, inquiring if I could take on the challenge of designing a Christmas box. Without hesitation, I enthusiastically accepted, and little did I know, it would become one of my most cherished design projects to date. What made it particularly special was its departure from my usual design territory.

My collaboration with Leandie, a client I had worked with previously, was instrumental in shaping this festive project. Together, we explored numerous concepts and ideas for the 2022 Christmas box. Ultimately, we arrived at a stunning amalgamation of abstract pink and green flowers, resulting in a design that truly captivated the holiday spirit.

Body Balance Improvement | Social media management

Allow us to introduce you to Body Balance Improvement, where our partnership with an incredible Kinesiologist unfolds. With Body Balance Improvement, we take the reins in planning, crafting, and scheduling engaging content that reflects the expertise and dedication of our client. Together, we work to share the profound benefits of Kinesiology and help individuals embark on their wellness journeys with confidence and insight.

&Her Women's Wellness | Website Design

During my work at a digital marketing company, I had the privilege of collaborating with this exquisite brand to bring their dream website to life. The gentle hues and captivating imagery left me enchanted throughout the entire project.

Philagro | 25th anniversary book Design

For Philagro’s 25th-anniversary commemoration, I had the privilege of designing a book that encapsulates the rich history and enduring spirit of this esteemed company. In collaboration with Strikethrough, who meticulously handled the proofreading and editing, we crafted a narrative that bridges the past and the present—a tribute to the founders, including those who have since retired, and a testament to the team that embodies Philagro’s vision today. Through a curated selection of photographs, the book visually narrates Philagro’s commitment to adding value to agriculture in Southern Africa with quality products, innovative sustainable solutions, and exceptional service. This project was more than a design endeavor; it was a journey through the essence of Philagro, celebrating their motto, “Products that work from people who care,” and illustrating the impactful stories that have shaped their legacy over a quarter of a century.

Strikethrough Professional Academic Editing Services | Brand Design

Louise, an esteemed academic, had cultivated her business for nearly seven years before she entrusted us with the task of crafting her brand identity. Our journey began over coffee, and from that very first meeting, it was evident that we had embarked on a harmonious partnership. Louise proved to be an ideal client, where every step of the branding process flowed as smoothly as honey.

DecorHouzz | Website Design

Among my earliest forays into e-commerce design was the creation of DecorHouzz‘s website. When they approached the digital marketing company I was part of, they placed their trust in me to fashion a visually stunning online platform.

This project centers around the power of imagery, embracing a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. The design serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to showcasing their products through a harmonious and visually appealing digital presence.

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